It’ s time for 10 breastfeeding’s facts! We will share the top things on the list that you should know about prolactin and oxcytocin!

1. Prolactin acts on the human breast to produce milk.
Every time your baby nurses,it sends the signal to your body that more milk is needed.

2. In a simple math:
MORE frequent nursing times = MORE prolactin= MORE breastmilk will be produced!!

3. Prolactin is also important in inhibiting ovulation…
Exactly what you need after giving a birth Mommies, natural contraception.

4. Oxytocin is another one of the important breastfeeding hormones.
The production of oxytocin is also caused by babies suckling.

5. Oxytocin is responsible for the milk ejection reflect, also known as the LDR ‘Let Down Reflex”

6. Research shows that stress can block the release of oxytocin, because of opiates and B endorphins that is released.

7. Research also shows that oxytocin will be produced by our bodies when we feel relax, loved and comfortable.

8. In a simple formula:
when mommies feeling relax, loved and comfortable = bodies will released oxytocin = Let Down Reflex = breastmilk ejection.

9. The oxytocin produced helps the mother’s uterus contract and return to its prepregnancy size naturally 🙂

10. So mommies.. simplyfy the process! Oxytocin and prolactin are no longer mysterious hormones.

Be happy, stay comfortable and let the hormones work pretty Mommies!


Andin – momAmore