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Howdy ice cream lover…

Today, i finally have made my own “Homemade Veggie-Fruity Ice Cream” with no sugar. Indeed. NO SUGAR. I’ve been trying to avoid consuming any sugar. Because, i want to eat with less guilty and with no worry on my health. I just want to sit with my kiddos, relax, and enjoy my ice cream. But, there’s no ice cream without a little (or much) sweetness, right. So, on my ice cream, i replace any sugar with fruits. It’s healthier and of course contain more vitamins, minerals, and fiber that we need.

Let’s get started to the recipe.

Ice Cream Base:
150g Evaporated milk
300ml Plain yoghurt
100g Grated coconut meat

Ice Cream Flavor:
White Ice Cream:
3 Dates

Green Ice Cream:
Half cup of Pok Choy leaves
3 Dates
½ Banana
½ cup of water/coconut water

Red Ice Cream:
Half cup of Red Spinach leaves
Half of Fuji Apple
1 Banana
½ cup of water

Cooking ware:

1. Mix all the ice cream base ingredients in medium speed, for about 10 minute.
2. Divided into three parts. Set aside.
3. For white ice cream, thinly slice dates.
4. Take the first part of ice cream base; mix with the date for about 5 minute.
5. Pour into an ice cream container. Keep it in the freezer for 6 hour.
6. For green ice cream, blend all the ingredients with blender until its smooth.
7. Take the second part of ice cream base; mix with the green smoothie for about 10 minute.
8. Pour into an ice cream container and keep it in the freezer for 6 hour.
9. For the red ice cream, slice the apple and banana.
10. Blend the red spinach leave, apple slices, banana slices and water until its smooth.
11. Pour into the mixer container with the third part of ice cream base; mix the up for about 10 minute.
12. Pour the last ice cream mixture into an ice cream container and keep it in the freezer for 6 hour.
13. After 6 hour, take all the ice cream. Mix again one by one with mixer for about 10 minute each.
14. Keep them all into freezer again for about 4 hour.
15. Take all the ice cream, plate them according on your taste.

Well, Yess, i know. It’s spend a lot of time. But trust me, it’s all worth it. The taste is so delicious. And it’s healthier than the mass-made ice cream. Big Bonus. It’s like being kind to our tongue and body.

Anyway, since it’s a homemade and no machine, the ice cream is easily melted. So, serve as much as you need. Hope it’s inspired. Be happy, be healthy.