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I love to look beautiful. Well, who’s not…?? But sometimes, we don’t have enough time to put a complete makeup to our face. Or maybe in some circumstance, we have to and need to look beautiful, but there’s not enough space to put and set down our make up. Or maybe we’re on that both condition.

For example, when we stuck in the traffic, but we have to attend an important meeting by meeting. Or, we’re on vacation with a busy schedule. Or we got to present class by class. All in the limited time and space, to do some makeup.

Well, it maybe difficult to get pretty all the time. But it is possible. Me myself just need these everyday five must bring beauty product.

Five must bring beauty product

  1. Laneige BB cushion SPF 50+ #21 natural beige. I prefer bring BB cushion to BB cream because the packaging is compact and very easy to use. Simple and practice. The coverage result is good without looking too cakey on my face.
  2. Maybelline Eyebrow Pencil. My eyebrow is thin. So eyebrow product is a must bring product. I prefer eyebrow pencil to powder. Because it’s simpler and practice. My maybelline eyebrow pencil also has brows brush attached on. It helps my eyebrows neater.
  3. Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara. Lovely lashes will brighten up the eyes. So I always bring mascara to keep my lashes stand out.
  4. Emina Creme de la Creme, bold red lipstick. I feel more powerful if i wear bold red lipstick. Red lipstick also can be wear on different way. Full cover red lips, ullzang style, or thiner polished. It can be used as a cheek blush. Practice.
  5. FM Perfume #289. Perfume is something which is invisible and unforgettable accessory (Coco Chanel). Agree. Though it’s not visible, but it’s give special effect to other’s sense of smell.

That’s my five must bring items to stay pretty all day, all night. What about you…?? Please leave your comment below… Thank you… 🙂