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Red eyeshadow mostly used on editorial or runaway makeup looks. It’s so bright. Because of its brightness, it scare us to wear it on. Whereas, the color is so edgy yet beautiful.

In this article, i will show that we don’t need to be a model for magazine or runaway to wear this lovely color. And we don’t need a special occasion like halloween or costume party moment as well. All we need is confident and guts.

So Beauties, are you ready…?? Here’s the look…


I am so much inspired by geisha look. Then i modified it so it can be more simple and wearable for daily. For the eye, I applied red eyeshadow on the outer corner of my lid. Then, create a little gradation in the middle of my lid. I also wear the eyeshadow thinly on the outer lower lid. Then, I applied black mascara on my eyelashes. No eyeliner needed.

For the lips, i used a red-pink color and applied it in the inner part of my lips, inspired by ullzang style. With my finger, i made a gradation. Bolder in the inner side, thinner in the outer part. And for cheek, i applied as closest color as my lips. Or the simply words, i used my lipstick for my cheek blush. Makeup hacker… 😀


In this look, I add pink eyeshadow on the inner side of my half lid. I also applied pink eyeshadow on the inner side of my lower half lid and black eyeshadow thinly on the  . I create a winged liner for more dramatic look. For the eyebrow, I applied brown color and touch of rosy gold eyeshadow on the base point of my eyebrow. For the lips, I applied a pink-peach glossy lipstick and same color to my cheek.


On this look, I added black eyeshadow on the crease and lower lid for the smokey effect. I also applied winged eyeliner and mascara on all of my eyelashes, top and bottom. For my lips, i create a gradation lips look. Dark on the edge and bright on the center. I didn’t applied any blush on.

For your information, I wore my #3 make up look on my last yoga class. And all of my classmate said it was gorgeous look. See, red eyeshadow is ‘normal’ and beautiful for sure. As long as you confident and comfort enough on wearing it.

Hope this looks inspired you. Good luck 🙂

“No matter what a woman looks like, if she’s confident, she’s sexy”. ― Paris Hilton