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In last few years, beauty trend and beauty makeup come out from Korea. Many beauty technology and beauty style are very much inspired by Korean makeup, Korean skincare, Korean beauty technology. Just mention few of it, multi layer and steps skin care, BBcream generation, dewy and glowy MulGwang face look, straight eyebrow, until gradient ullzang lips.

In this article, i will focusing on the gradient lips look. Most people only know one kind of gradient look. More intense color inside and gradiently fading away to outer side of lips. Whereas, there’s also some kind of gradient lips color that give different effect and all of them are special and lovely.

So, let’s get into the look

Look1 : cute baby doll

I am using red lipstick on the inner side of my lips. Then, i applied bbcream on the edge of my lips and blend it up until I reach the gradient as I want.

Look2 : full volume

I am using nude lipstick on the inner side of my lips and bright red on the edge of mu lips. Then I blend them up until I get the gradient. It give my a full and sexy lips look.

Look3 : kissable bite

I am using a pink shade for my top lips, bright red for inner lips and darker red for my bottom lips. Then, I blend up the edges color in between them. It’s thinly gradient. Lovely for romantic look.

Look4 : sweet yet fresh

This look is super sweet and makes you look younger. Just use pink shade on the inner side of your lips, and nude shade on the outer. Blend it in between.

Look5: mysterious glam

I wear this lips look on my previous makeup with my red eyeshadow. Super glam. Super intense. I am using bright red shade, then applying black eyeshadow or dark lipstick on the side lips. Make an ombre to the middle. Voila.

There are some gradient lips look you can try. Hope you like the looks and get inspired. Good luck, lovely…