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This year, my first kid have turning four. She’d already started school and it’s great to see her started to socialize and learn along with her friends.

One day, her friends began to celebrate birthdays at school. Indeed, there’s nothing wrong with a birthday celebration at the school. Bothered me was, when my beloved daughter brought a goodie bag which contain of food (which in my opinion) with less nutritious. Call it an MSG snack, candy, and junk food. Sure, the price is relatively cheap, packaging is cute, and almost all children like it. But of course, less beneficial to the human body, especially the children.

Since I am quite strict about child nutrition, so I want my children consume the not only delicious food, but also full of nutrition & useful for their body. When my daughter’s birthday has come, she also wanted to celebrate it at school. Voila, this moment has becomes an opportunity for me to spread the healthier lifestyle.

So I have an idea of birthday theme. A ‘green’ birthday. Green here means not have to wear a green dress, but rather to socialize consumption of vegetables. To children and teachers. By giving green smoothies for the whole school.

The preparation itself is quite a lot. From looking for glass bottles, shopping many fruits and vegetables, designing and printing a sticker to put on the bottle, until of course making the green smoothies itself. However, I personally felt quite satisfied because I have tried to give a healthy intake for children.

Because most of the consumer are children, I compose more fruits of which tastes sweet, like bananas, pineapples, oranges and apples. For the greens, I choose horenso spinach and parsley.

Below is the green smoothie recipe for my daughter’s birthday:
1/3 pineapple or apple
1 banana
1 orange, squeeze
1 cup of horenso
a little parsley
200cc water
Blend together for 3 minute. Serve for two bottles.

Not only green smoothies, we also carried mini plants to be given to my daughter’s friend. One child, one plant. The goal is that the children are more loving environment, has a life preserver, and a long-term vision. Because, the children should be patiently maintain the plant to be able to enjoy the beauty of it.

But of course my expectations are not grandiose. Children remain children. But at least I did not just give practical consumer goods.

For example, a green smoothies’ glass bottle, can be reuse. And I chose a the cactus family, for the plant. Which is not easily wither and do not need too much watering.

Hopefully this idea of a child’s birthday goodie bags can be useful and become an inspiration. Good luck.